My commentary on Industry Disrupting Lawsuit

Hello there,

Having embarked on a real estate journey alongside you, I understand the essence of our partnership – a shared commitment to your best interests guided by integrity and trust. So, I’d like to share a few thoughts inspired by the recent court case initiated by consumers’ experience of a lack of transparency around what and how realtors get paid. This case has shed light on the need for clearer communication regarding realtor fees – a move I welcome with open arms.

As a dually licensed CPA and Realtor, I’ve always believed in treating my clients’ hard-earned money with the same respect and careful consideration as my own. This is the essence of the fiduciary duty we, as agents, are called to uphold. That’s the principle that has shaped my approach ever since I stepped into the world of real estate, fueled by a desire to serve you to accomplish your real estate goals safely.

Witnessing practices that don’t uphold this standard – like some in our industry purposely undervaluing homes for a quick commission check or “juggling” the dual representation of both buyers and sellers on the same property – has only strengthened my resolve to continue to uphold our industry’s highest values. It’s always been (and will continue to be) my business practice to, early in our journey together, share ALL the costs to either sell or buy your home.

Having worked with many of you in either selling or buying your home, I know how you all have relied on me to:
· Guide you through education on the buying and selling process
· Serve as your local market and pricing expert so you understand what a fair market price looks like
· Use my CPA skills to help you with the best-fit lender and understand your tax implications
· Navigate negotiations on your behalf so that you can win the right home
· Review the hundreds of pages of documents with you and interpret them
· Identify red flags for you to protect you from risk.

With the anticipated finalization of this court case, we’re on the cusp of a cultural shift within the real estate profession. This shift will help you make well-informed choices about who represents your interests in real estate dealings and how that person is compensated.

It’s no secret that our Bay Area housing market is an extremely competitive environment – one that demands constant engagement and expert navigation. I am wholly committed to maintaining my in-depth understanding of market trends and embodying the expertise you deserve – expertise from someone who is not just a weekend warrior, but HERE, in the trenches, WITH YOU, daily.

Once the settlement of this court case is confirmed, I look forward to discussing its full implications with you. Together, we can explore what it means for our ongoing partnership and the exceptional service I aim to provide. However, if curiosity beckons before then, please don’t hesitate to reach out. My phone line and readiness to meet for a coffee is always open and I would welcome to hear from you about your questions or comments

My best to you,
cell: 510.330.2478
PS. Here’s a link to the National Association of Realtors summary of the case if you’re interested in some light reading!

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