How to Sell Your Home and Downsize Like a Pro

Selling your home and downsizing can be a smart move for many reasons. Whether you want to save money, simplify your life, or move closer to your family, downsizing can help you achieve your goals.


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Does Any Of This Sound Like Your Current Problem(S)?

  • Our current home requires too much maintenance
  • We are not utilizing the space effectively any longer
  • We have 2 vacant bedrooms that we use as storage for our adult children
  • We are really tired of those stairs
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Why Sell Your Home And Downsize?

  • Saving money on mortgage payments, property taxes, utilities, maintenance, and repairs
  • Reducing stress and clutter by living in a smaller and more manageable space
  • Enjoying more flexibility and mobility by having less ties to a large property

What If You Need The Equity That’s Tied Up In My Home, To Buy My Next Home?

This is where Mareijke Weidemann and her team comes in. With our extensive finance and CPA background, we can help you strategically structure your move, so that you can buy your next home before you sell the one you live in!

MYTHS About Money And The Cost Of Downsizing:

  • We have to sell BEFORE we buy our retirement home
    • When working with us, we help you structure your move, so you get to buy your next home FIRST!
  • We have to get an expensive Bridge Loan to make this work
    • You do not need to pay the exorbitant fees that come with securing a bridge loan
    • We can help you structure the transaction to allow you to qualify for both mortgages – it’s temporary and you get the same interest rates once you move
  • Our equity is tied up in the home, so we have to liquidate our stock portfolio to secure our down payment?
    • You do not need to pay the penalties that comes with time away from the market
    • You can temporarily leverage a 401(k) loan with ZERO penalty
    • A HELOC on a 2nd home can provide the down payment – it too is temporary
  • We cannot know how much this will all cost us:
    • We help you estimate:
      • Any make ready cost to list your home
      • Relocation expenses if applicable & often neglected by others…..
      • Income and property Tax implications
  • It will take A YEAR to do all this:
    • We help you strategize once, to help you get FULL clarity on where you want to go, we work to help you quickly identify your replacement residence
    • Mareijke and her team will work efficiently to help you purchase that home, because the market doesn’t wait
    • We then work #FAST to list and sell your current home for top profit, AFTER you have moved into your new home, so that you are not homeless for a day.
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in this market, YOU have the upper hand. With so many families starting out, your home and its extra bedrooms and large yard is a hot commodity that many are desperate for. Selling your home and downsizing can be one of the best decisions you can make for your future. Contact Mareijke and her team today and let us help you make it happen.


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Moving Up Or Downsizing? How To Buy Your Next Home Before Selling Your Current Home

  • Secure your new home first
  • Avoid the hassle of moving twice or renting temporarily while your home is being sold and you are waiting for your next home to close or be built

Book A Strategy Call With Our Team, And We Can Craft A Plan For Your Situation.

Buying your next home before selling your current home can be a smart move if you plan ahead and work with a professional. Contact us today and let us help you make it happen.

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